fluffynuts (fluffynuts) wrote,

chrome without the google

I'm quite sure everyone knows about Google Chrome. Some of you might even know about where that project is taken from. Yes, Google, like Netscape, didn't actually *write* their browser (OK, Netscape did, back in the very early versions, but they soon dropped that idea to follow the giant gecko) -- no, indeed, Google stands tall on the shoulders of giants. Perhaps I'm over-simplifying. I expect that someone or some people over at Google are contributing to Chromium -- it's in their interests after all... But I digress (as if you expected something else from me!)...

So, when I found that Chromium does "live" builds (it's not nightly -- seems to be on a major commit or something), I thought that it would be neat to be able to get the latest of the original Chromium browser. Think about it: the real latest (not the several-versions-behind google-latest). No tiny installer that downloads gack to somewhere arb in your profile. A way to just get a working zip file -- for your platform.

But how tedious. Have to load up the site. Browse to the latest. Download. Unzip. About 3 steps too many for a lazy person like me. Hence was born get-latest-chromium.py. A cross-platform python script to get the latest build of Chromium for your platform. At the moment, I've tested on win32 and linux (and linux 64) to get those three builds. I would appreciate a mac tester to just set my mind at ease.

The requirements are minimal -- just need a working python install. There's nothing exotic there. Windows users, that's a fairly large 30 mb download (sorry). Perhaps I'll wrap it into an exe if anyone cares to ask for it. You can just download the archive, or, optionally, download and extract somewhere. I put this into a nightly scheduled task / cron entry. And this build seems to support (without buggery) flash and other mozilla plugins that you may have installed on your Linux boxen. Huzzah.

Whilst I'm still tied to Firefox for my extensions, there's something to be said for a browser that starts in a second or two, remains madly responsive and loads sites as if they were locally hosted. Anyhoo, thought I would share my 2c worth of script with people. Enjoy. Or don't. (:
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